Windsor Global was designed to provide investors with a high minimum annual return along with the ability to reap the rewards of growth in the public and private equity sectors.

The investment provides a guaranteed interest payment of 6% per annum. Interest is paid out annually at the end of each year (based on the date of acquisition).

In addition to this high rate of interest, the fund is performance based and aims to provide additional return on investment generated through an increase in the value of the assets held by the fund and/or income received from those assets.

At Windsor Global, we aim to invest in opportunities that will provide quick turnaround increases in our value via investments in private equity with companies that are on the verge of a public offering. The fund is structured so that the unit value of the fund increases based on profits or income earned and maintained by the fund, thus providing you with significant potential gains in addition to the 6% guaranteed annual interest.

Investing in one particular equity comes along with numerous risks. A specific single equity investment is subject to the volatility of the markets in general, and the performance of the particular company in which the investment is held. An investment in an equity fund provides diversification and mitigates a substantial portion of the risk involved in a single equity holding. Our strategies provide our investors with the ability to potentially enjoy substantial gains with enhanced risk mitigation.

Fees and Investment Term

The term of the investment is 3 years, however there are no fees for liquidation prior to maturity. If terminated between interest payment dates, the unit holder forgoes any unpaid interest.

There are no front end fees or commissions. We charge a 5% redemption fee upon liquidation/termination only.

Potential for Public Listing as an ETF

Windsor Global is investigating the possibility of listing publicly as an ETF. If we were to proceed in this manner, investors will be given the option of holding the investment to maturity under the original terms of investment or exchanging their fund units for shares in the ETF. The potential listing could lead to significant additional profits for fund unit holders.